Coronavirus Update and Changes to Our Office Hours


As a prominent county internet service provider, keeping our customers connected during these uncertain times is our top priority.


With the impact of Coronavirus spreading, we’re dedicated to protecting our customers internet connections and to ensure they have access to resources and services they need.


As health concerns grow, we’re also doing everything we can to keep our employees safe, including rescheduling non-essential travel and events, and sharing the latest health and


wellness tips provided by the Center for Disease Control. As a result, we would like you to take note the following actions we are taking.


Rock Island Offices on Orcas and San Juan will be closed to general public access until further notice.  Here are a few ways we are here for you in the interim:


Residential Support


We’re already prepared to help you remotely 24/7/365.


Call us at (360) 378-5884 for support.


and select the option you need for assistance from the security of your home.


Option 1 – Tech Support

Option 2 – Billing

Option 3 – Rock Island/T-Mobile Retail

Option 4 – Customer Support

Option 5 – Updated Hours of Operation


Business Services Support


Continue to access our Business Services department directly via the standard Business Support line you have been provided.


24/7 availability for questions or concerns


We’re always just a phone call or email away. You can call us anytime at (360) 378-5884.  An online chat feature is coming soon!


Key updates and information


We’ll continue to stay on top of the latest information and relay any crucial to you via email and on our website. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow for the latest Coronavirus updates.


We remain dedicated to doing right by our customers and the community we serve.


The Rock Island Team

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We supply rockisland email addresses to those who want one.


We can design a network for your home, office, business, marina or otherwise.


We have a full-service Business Services Team in place to upgrade and manage your business communications from top to bottom.


We host a complete T-Mobile store in Friday Harbor for your convenience.

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