Fiber is the future. Rock Island is building a fast & reliable network to serve San Juan County for decades to come.

Connect today at no upfront cost.

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Determine Cost & Connectivity Options

The easiest way to get a connection estimate is to utilize this Fiber Cost Estimator tool. The map below uses the distance from our existing fiber network to estimate the cost to connect by location. Move on to Step Two once you have an idea of your estimated cost.

This is just an estimation tool, but it will give you a sense if you want to move forward as individually funding your own construction or if the cost is prohibitive. You need to move forward as a group of individuals.


Start Project

Once you’ve determined your estimated cost to connect, you need to decide if you want to move forward as an individual or part of a larger group sharing the build cost. Please select a path and complete the following form to the best of your ability. Once complete, one of our connection experts will get back to you with your options.



Rock Island Local Community Communication


Fiber Basics

Forming a Fiberhood

Do it Yourself

Funding Fiber

Rock Island Local Community Communication

Add-on Services

Digital Phone (VoiP)

Introducing digital phone (VoIP). Everything is moving to the “cloud”, why not your phone system? Rock Island VoIP is one of the leading VoIP-hosted phone system providers in San Juan. We offer leading technology in the world of cloud-based phone systems. In addition, as a local company, you will not have to wonder who you will be seeing when you need support. 

Rock Island Mesh WiFi

A Wi-Fi mesh network or similar is almost a necessity in our county. These devices expand the area of your wi-fi coverage as well as minimize the loss traditionally seen with onboard modem/router Wi-Fi. The Rock Island mesh network system uses multiple access points in strategic locations around your home to create one smart network to ensure high quality, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

Cyber Security

Get comprehensive internet security for your PC today. At the heart of our cybersecurity software bundle is SecureIT, a best-of-breed security program with a simplified interface, state-of-the-art detection technology, and hands-free updates which make it the ideal choice.



Home Automation

We have certified installers and Control4 programmers on staff and can help you with your home automation needs, from simple to complex. We are the only San Juan County Control4 partner and we are very excited to help automate your home or office. 



Rock Island Local Community Communication