Residential Fiber is an investment and is NOT EXPENSIVE!

We are committed to making fast & reliable fiber optic internet available to everyone in our unique and beautiful Island community.

Faster is Better. Why choose Fiber?

People generally consider Speed. Value and reliability when choosing an internet service.

DSL and Cable options are shared resources, and speeds fluctuate with overall community use. They utilize older copper cable infrastructure, which degrades over time. Satellite options come with high latency and are limited to locations with massive skyline views. 

Fiber optic internet is the most modern and fastest technology available. It is also highly scalable, maintaining the highest reliability with the lowest latency.

  • Fiber 2gig 100% 100%
  • Satellite 220mbps 10% 10%
  • Cable 200mbps 9% 9%
  • DSL 40mbps 3% 3%
Rock Island Local Community Communication