Dear Rock Island,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts and services this year. After 15 frustrating years of being treated like the unwanted step child by Century link (despite the valiant efforts of local representatives) we are so grateful to have an alternative to high speed internet and phone service. It’s been like the digital equivalent of being delivered from the wilderness. It has been our experience that Centurylink clearly provided our island with only the bare essential service to satisfy regulatory mandates that, in any competitive marketplace would have resulted in bankruptcy and/or the public flogging of executives through the streets.

We consistently averaged 1-3 MB download speed while paying for 6MB service which suffered complete service failure on a regular basis. I would spend on average about 2-3 hours a month on the phone with their customer support which would usually get me a couple of weeks of marginal service. After a decade and a half of praying to the technology gods to deliver us from our tribulations we would have gladly paid more for less service if it was just consistently marginal.

Last month we installed a Rockisland wireless LTE receiver with little hope for success as we are essentially in a low lying area surrounded by trees and basalt outcroppings. Plugged in the router and almost burst into tears when it spun up to 22 MB down. I would have paid double my Centurylink bill for service like that, instead we now get roughly 700% faster internet and the same phone services for about 25% less a month. Rarely does a product come along that is better and cheaper then the alternative. We thank you for the services that you are making available to Orcas Island and look forward to being loyal customers.


Ed and Amy Masters
Orcas, WA