When our home owners’ associated voted to have OPALCO and Rock Island install fiber optic communications throughout the Spring Point neighborhood, we were concerned in view of the cost. But now that we’ve had the fiber installed, we’re enjoying the greatly increased speed of our internet reception and looking forward to the prospect of being able to use the fiber cable for our phone as well. We were also concerned that the construction of the fiber network throughout our neighborhood and to our house would be the cause of a fair amount of inconvenience. But we found that that concern was unwarranted.

We want to compliment OPALCO and Rock Island on how expeditious and pleasant their teams have been in all phases of the work. The digging of the trench from the middle mile box to our house was done not only in a single day but with great care not to disturb Meg’s garden. When they connected the cable from the NID box on the outside of the house to the modem/router on the inside, the Rock Island installers, Robbie Padbury and Conrad, were as courteous as they were efficient. And Ali Boe, Kelly Koral and the rest of the team at the Rock Island office have treated our inquiries and requests with smiles, professionalism and grace. All in all, it’s been a very good experience.

Joe Massey, Spring Point, Orcas