Fixed Wireless Seasonal Application

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our seasonal rate plan program. Our seasonal rate plans are designed for those who spend time in a home in the islands seasonally and will use their Fixed Wireless service less than 6 months a year.

Just like our power infrastructure, there is always maintenance and improvements needed to keep our network healthy and up to date. We fund those costs through earnings from our internet rate plans, and we provide a discount program for those who do not access our network year-round.

To qualify for a Rock Island Seasonal Rate Plan, you must:

  • Access Rock Island internet less than 6 months in aggregate (less than 182 days in the trailing 365). Access includes the use of smart devices while away such as surveillance cameras, cloud devices, a smart thermostats, or other monitoring devices that access the internet
  • Sign this agreement electronically
  • Upload proof of seasonality (a valid drivers license and a utility bill of your primary residence)

Your first month of service will be billed at a full time rate. Please allow 7 days for the Rock Island staff to review and process your application. Applications that come in 7 days before your billing cycle date will be applied the following month.

Seasonal use is enforceable under our Acceptable Use Policy. Customers who exceed usage will automatically be upgraded to a full-time rate. 

Please complete both steps to complete your seasonal application:
  1. Submit the form below.
  2. Submit the proof of seaonal documents.
Step 1:
* Format: 360-378-5884
*Seasonal Residence: Service address in San Juan County (if you do not have a county assigned address, please list the tax parcel number)

City: State/Province: Zip/Postal:

Any additional info: