Fiber Update: June 2019

More LTE Horsepower Is Coming We're 3.5 years into this LTE Fixed Wireless project and we've learned an amazing amount along the way. For example, did you know that a heavy cell phone user consumes just a few gigs of data per month and that we see users on our Fixed...

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Fiber Update: January 2019

Fiber Lands In Friday Harbor!  You may be eligible for a connection with no installation fee.   If you’ve been waiting to get connected to fiber in the Town of Friday Harbor, we have great news. Rock Island fiber is making its way through the town right now bringing...

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Monthly Fiber Update: December 2018

It’s the end of the year and many people are taking time to slow down, visit friends and family, and celebrate the holidays. We at Rock Island wanted to send out a wish to you and yours for a safe and happy close to the year. Happy New Year and all the best in...

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Monthly Fiber Update: November 2018

A New Eligibility List Is Here We've updated the LTE Eligibility Search tool on our website. This means you may now be eligible for service if you're not already a customer. Check your address on our eligibility search page. One-out-of-three homes/businesses in the...

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Monthly Fiber Update: September 2018

A Fixed Wireless Explosion   We have been talking A LOT about the benefits of our LTE Fixed Wireless product this summer. Why? Because our mission is to get as many people faster Internet as we can while we build out our fiber plant. Fiber has always been the...

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Monthly Fiber Update: August 2018

Speed up your Internet connection with Rock Island's LTE Fixed Wireless service.   We're waiving our $50 activation fee for the month of August – you just pay your monthly rate plan and that's it. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts! Seasonal rates...

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Monthly Fiber Update: June 2018

YES – It's Working! The blue dots are new fiber customers joining Rock Island’s gig-capable fiber Internet service. The black dots are new LTE Fixed Wireless customers connecting. We connected our first fiber customers mid-2015, and our first LTE Fixed Wireless...

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Monthly Fiber Update: May 2018

Gig Internet is Here! You can now get 1,000 megabits per second in your home! When we started this fiber effort about three years ago, the average Internet speeds in the county were between 2–4 Mbps download, and about .5 Mbps upload. Few had more; many had less. Now...

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Monthly Fiber Update: February 2018

Get a Hat or T-Shirt with LTE Winter got you down? We thought we would spread some island cheer by giving away either a Rock Island T-shirt or hat when you sign up for our LTE Fixed Wireless, or add a Rock Island Mesh Network to your existing Rock Island Internet...

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Monthly Fiber Update: January 2018

Your Wi-Fi Upgrade is Here! Wi-Fi has become a critical part of your home network. Your laptops, smartphones, tablets, webcams, smart tv’s, and even your thermostats may be connecting to your Rock Island Internet service via Wi-Fi. We don’t think about the increasing...

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