Monthly Fiber Update: December

Refer a Friend to LTE and Get a $25 Credit!

We’re offering a $25 credit to every Rock Island customer who refers a friend to our LTE service in December. Refer as many people as you want, and if they take service, we’ll give you a $25 credit for each customer that activates!

To get this credit, simply have your friends and family who sign up tell us that you referred them, and we’ll record that on your account. Credits will be calculated and added to your account this January. It’s that simple.

Check LTE Eligibility for you, your neighbor, or a family member here:

Thanks for helping spread the word!

Our Group Fiber Projects

The Rock Island team is engaged in several fiber construction projects throughout the county. No other project of this scale has been rolled-out in our county to date at this pace, and we’re proud to be leading the effort in this historic event! Here are the latest stats on the fiber build.

Current Projects:

These are groups that have gone through the fiber organizing process, paid for their middle miles and are currently under construction to get fiber to their homes or businesses.

  • Downtown Eastsound on Orcas Island
  • Harney View Park on Orcas Island
  • Cape San Juan Part 2 on San Juan Island
  • Hilltop on Lopez Island
  • Otter’s Pond on Orcas Island
  • Elderberry on Orcas Island
  • Portland Fair Area on San Juan Island
  • Garry Oak on San Juan Island

Upcoming Projects:

These are groups that have gone through the fiber organizing process, paid for their middle miles, and are waiting to be scheduled by our construction team.

  • Sunset Acres on Lopez Island
  • Shoreland Drive on Lopez Island
  • Channel Road on Orcas Island

Groups in Discussion:

When people look at the first two lists above, they often say, “where is our group? We should be on that list!” We thought it would be fun to add some of the groups we are currently in discussion with for fiber this month to give you an idea of who may be coming online next. All these groups are in the ‘organizing process’ to some degree, and are making their way toward a cost and a decision:

  • Carefree on San Juan Island
  • Cessna Ave on San Juan Island
  • Channel Rd (Lopez) on Lopez Island
  • Channel Rd (Orcas) on Orcas Island
  • Decatur Northwest Project on Decatur Island
  • Eagle Cove Area on San Juan Island
  • Eliza Rd on Lopez Island
  • Friday Ave Group on San Juan Island
  • Hannah Heights Association on San Juan Island
  • Hannah Road Group on San Juan Island
  • Karen Ln Group on Orcas Island
  • Mitchell Bay on San Juan Island
  • Opal Commons on Orcas Island
  • Panorama Place on San Juan Island
  • Pinewood Estates on San Juan Island
  • Pole Pass on Orcas Island
  • Bonnie Brae on Orcas Island
  • Wild Rose Meadow on Orcas Island
  • Ridgedale HOA #1 on San Juan Island
  • Ridgedale HOA #2 on San Juan Island
  • Rossel Ln on Orcas Island
  • Sea Ranch Group on Lopez Island
  • Wasp Cove Group on Shaw Island
  • Yacht Haven on San Juan Island

This list represents more than 500 fiber connections, or a year’s worth of work for the Rock Island crew. If you want to get your group organized, please visit our website to learn more about the fiber group organizing process and get yourself on our list today.

Please remember, the people on this last list are not guaranteed to get fiber. They are simply in a dialog to get it.


Wow, What a Year!

Did you know that we connected about 6 new customers to our network every single business day in 2016? Did you know that we almost doubled the entire Rock Island customer base that’s accrued over the past 20 years in this year alone? What an effort!

Not only did we get 22 LTE sites up and running this year throughout the county, dramatically improve first responder access to the community, create better cell service for T-Mobile customers, and solve the Internet crisis for almost 1,500 people – we brought tens of thousands of dollars into the community via salaries, contractor wages, equipment and housing rentals, hardware purchases, gas purchases, ferry rides, restaurants and bars, and on and on and on.

We never thought of how many lives we would touch along this journey but we are proud to play a part in stimulating our local economies. We thank you for your continued support with this project; it’s affecting a lot of people and we want you to know that supporting Rock Island means supporting the economic health of our entire community.


Meet Steve, Our Apple Genius


With five years as an Apple Store Genius and Trainer, Steve has the experience and skills to help you with your Mac and iOS needs.

Whether you want to get more out your technology, need help setting it up, or just need help finding the best solution to problems when things go wrong… Steve is your man.

Rates: For on-site service, support and training anywhere in the San Juan Islands: $65 for the first hour, and $40 for ever hour after that (travel arrangements can be discussed at time of booking)

In-Store Rate: For in-house work or training at our Rock Island Office on Orcas Island: Flat $40 per hour

Christmas Gift Idea: Buy your loved ones a Christmas Gift Coupon for set-up and training for those new Apple devices. Available in $50 increments. Email [email protected] to get a gift certificate for the holidays today.

Steve Wambsganss – Mac and iOS repair, support and trainer.


It’s Time to Act! Construction Credit Change

If you’ve heard about our $1,500 Construction Incentive credit available for fiber-to-the-home construction, you’ll know it’s a big part of making fiber available to the community. The Construction Incentive fund was set aside at the inception of the company to help with the cost of construction for the first groups coming on to our fiber network.

After two years of making this Construction Incentive available we want to announce:

  • We will continue our Construction Incentive of $1,500 for the entire year of 2017
  • We will be reducing the Construction Incentive at the start of 2018 (new amount to be determined)

Act now if you want to take advantage of our $1,500 Construction Incentive. Learn more about the process on our website or call us at 378-5884 today.

Thank you for your time and energy. We’ll be back next month with another edition of our Monthly Fiber Update. We appreciate your support; we couldn’t do this without you and we are grateful for your engagement!

All our best,

The Rock Island Team