Remote Locks

Remote locks are the future of security!


Say Goodbye to Keys

A Turn-Key Platform Made Possible With
Industry-Leading Integrations

Control Access From Anywhere

With our cloud-based model, you can log in on your laptop or phone to remotely lock and unlock from anywhere.

Manage Every Door on One System

No need for different systems for different doors. RemoteLock brings it all together with one cloud-based solution that you manage from a single dashboard.

  • Manage Every Door – One single dashboard for common and unit doors.
  • Choose Your Credential – PIN codes, key fobs, prox cards, mobile, and more.
  • Control Access Remotely – No more lockouts, no more keys, no more rekeying costs.
  • Automate Guest Access – Say goodbye to keys and rekeying costs.
  • Integrate with Popular Booking Platforms – Works with Airbnb, Guesty, and more.
  • Create Access Schedules – Track when cleaners exit and enter.
  • Manage Every Door – One dashboard for main entrances, interior doors, and even garages.
  • Create Access Schedules – Self-expiring codes for vendors, employees, and maintenance.
  • Control Access Remotely – Create and revoke access from your laptop or smartphone.
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