ISP Consolation

Rock Island ISP Consolation

Provide public, static IP addresses for your customers for a reasonable fee without dealing with ARIN, BGP or the secondary IP address market, Consulting General assistance for wireless networking and ISP projects large and small.


Public IP Addresses 

Give your customers a public IP address at a reasonable rate without going through the secondary IP market or dealing with ARIN and BGP routing.

Turnkey ISP 

We will do all the work to provide Internet service to an MDU or community. We will maintain the network and share profits with the HOA board or a local entrepreneur.


These are terms that will come up while discussing network topology. If you are entirely unfamiliar with these terms you might want to start with some background reading.


A device that sends packets to different destinations based on the packet’s destination IP address and the router’s routing table.

Public IP Addresses (v4 and v6)

An Internet address that is routable on the public Internet. All devices need to have a public Internet address to communicate on the Internet, and all addresses must be unique.

Private IP Addresses

Any of a set of IP addresses that are set aside to be used in private networks. These addresses can only be used on private/internal networks, not the Internet.


Network Address Translation. Allows devices that are using private IP Addresses to get on to the Internet by sharing a Public IP Address.

Network Switch

A device that sends packets to different destinations based on the packet’s destination MAC address and the switch’s bridge table.


Dynamic Host Control Protocol. A service that provides IP Addresses and DNS configuration for the devices on the network, so they do not have to be configured manually.


Virtual LAN. Allows multiple logical LANs to co-exist on the same switching hardware.