I stopped in to your shop late this afternoon to pick up a modem for my guest house. I nearly blew a gasket in dealing with CenturyTel over the last week for the modem and connection I had in that house. It had been fine and then all of a sudden not fine. Several calls to the Philippines that I then insisted be transferred to the US.

I set up the modem in the guest house after I got home. Great signal and fast!

Funny when I called C.T. after having the FTE modem in my main house. I called to pull the plug on my DSL. Of course they sent me to the top of their ladder. They insisted that I keep the same “bundle” – which is two land lines and two DSL’s but would knock off $100 from my monthly bill. That’s great, but I’m going they are going to have to come down even further after this recent experience.

I’m really liking these modems!