Yesterday’s Privacy Vote

Yesterday’s Privacy Vote

10:59 29 March in Service Updates

This week the House and the Senate killed an upcoming FCC ruling. That ruling would have required Internet providers to ask you for your permission to sell your browsing data. Currently, there are few protections about selling your data in place, and given yesterday’s legislation, there is nothing on the horizon.

Several of our customers and community members have asked about our policy. We thought we would be pro-active and pass along what has been our policy to date.

Rock Island does not sell, rent or lease its customer data to third parties.

We hope this clarifies our stance on this subject. You can always call or email us with any questions or comments. We are always happy to hear from you.

How does this compare to most national providers? Here is the obvious example:

The CenturyLink Privacy Policy

Right at the top of this page:

The very first paragraph reads:

“Like most companies, we have certain information about our customers and use it to provide our services. We also share it as needed to meet our business goals or fulfill our legal obligations. We protect the information we have about our customers, and we require those we share it with to protect it too. “

…and much further down, there are phrases like:

“We may let advertisers know whether we provide you Internet access based on a geographic attribute to enable them to target ads to you on that basis. “

Yet another good reason to support your local Internet provider, and your local power co-op. Thank you for trusting us with your business.

All our best,

The Rock Island Team