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Get Cyber Security, Network Protection & File Backup for Your Office


A 2016 study of 300 American professionals determined that the average employee spends 91 hours a year sorting out various computer problems. That’s more than two full weeks each year due to IT-related issues, not to mention the cost of lost productivity! A trusted partner can help limit the amount of time you and your employees spend wrestling with tech problems. Get Tech Office today and spend your time on what you do best. You can read a detailed description of the Tech Office service here.




Tech Office is a business security software suite and productivity solution that includes business security software, cloud backup and a convenient password management tool. Get 24/7/365 support for servers or other office devices like printers or fax machines for only $15 per employee a month. Midwest-based remote technicians handle these office challenges so your can get back to work.


Tech Office Includes:



SecureIT anti-virus and Internet security protects your computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. New digital threats appear every day, but with SecureIT, customers get industry-leading essential protection, plus the convenience of never needing to update your software. SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats.



Securely backup and protect your most important documents, photos, music, and emails with FileHopper for desktop and mobile. You get 50 Gigs of storage with Tech Home Protect, and 250 Gigs with the other two plans.



The Password Genie password manager, data protection, and password security software become your secure digital wallet for both desktop and mobile devices.



Identi-Fi for desktop, Android and iOS is designed to help you improve your Wi-Fi experience. This tool provides meaningful analysis of the wireless environment in your home to reduce  Wi-Fi related problems.

  • Sold on a Per Seat Basis

    (2 Seat Min)
  • USD15monthly
    • 1 Seat covers 1 computer or server & 1 mobile device
    • SecureIT Pro endpoint protection
    • 1TB of cloud backup
    • Password & data manager
    • Install & setup assistance
    • Minimum of 3 seats
    • Unlimited virus removals
    • Mobile versions of all products
    • Identi-Fi: Wi-Fi analysis app
    • Server support
    • 24|7|365 Premium technical support

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How Does Tech Office Differ from Rock Island Tech Support?


We’re glad you asked. This can be a confusing topic.


Rock Island is responsible for your Internet connection (if you are indeed a Rock Island Internet customer). This includes the connection into your home, and into your modem. If you have a stock Wi-Fi network setup on your modem or use our amazing Rock Island Mesh Network, we can help you make sure it is up and working.


What we don’t support is the devices connected to our network – your printers, your connected TVs, alarms, smart cameras and the like. We support the connection – but the consuming device is up to you. This is where Tech Office with Support comes in! When you have this plan, you get tech support for all your connected devices any time, night or day.


Call us today or email our support team to learn more!

Existing Customers


Please call Security Coverage at any time night or day to get help with your TechHome or TechOffice subscription at: 1-833-431-6697