We Are an Authorized T-Mobile Dealer

Our unique partnership with T-Mobile has brought unsurpassed connectivity to the islands, and now we are giving locals a place to get phones and support right here in the islands! We converted our Friday Harbor retail space into an onboarding headquarters for all types of connectivity options including T-Mobile phones. We have a full-blown T-mobile retail store with all the greatest phone options for your choosing. What we don’t have we can deliver to your doorstep in 48-hours, so come on in and get connected today.

We created a quick checklist for you to follow to make sure your switch to T-Mobile is as smooth as possible for you, your family and business. 

1. If you have a freeze or hold on your SSN, you will need to remove them temporarily BEFORE you come into the store.

  • Call each of the credit agencies where you have a social security hold and have them remove the hold temporarily
  • We can not move forward if you have a hold on your social security number

2. To move your existing phone number to T-Mobile, you will need:

  • The account number of your current cell or phone provider
  • The four (4) digit account PIN associated with your current service provider

3. If you are getting a new phone, and you want to keep your contacts, photos, apps, etc., you will need to make a backup of your old phones first. Do this for every phone you want to transfer. To do this, you will need:

  • The screen unlock code for each phone
  • The username and password to your cloud accounts if you backup your data online
  • If you back up your phone(s) to a computer, be sure you do this right before your visit to our store

4. Do you want to sign up for a personal or business account?

Some Benefits of a Business Account

• 24/7 stateside support and go directly to an operator, not a recording
• Get a Business Family Discount for your employees (from $20-$40 off a month on their personal plans)
• GoDaddy website discounts, and more5. If you have an Apple iPhone, you will need to turn off the “Find My iPhone” feature in Settings.

You will need to enter your Apple iCloud username and password to turn this feature off. To do this, go to Settings, click on your name at the top, the iCloud option, then scroll down to “Find My iPhone.” On that page, turn off the “Find My iPhone” feature, enter your iColoud password, and tap “Turn Off” when that is complete.

6. To set up a T-Mobile account you will need:

Personal Account:

• Driver’s license, passport, or Federal ID
• Sole Proprietor Business Account:
• Driver’s License
• Business Card or Business License


• FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)
• Driver’s License

7. Do you want to add T-Mobile One Plus to one or more of your lines?

Some benefits of One Plus for an addition $15/month:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE device data
  • 20GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot
  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot after 20GB (up to 600kbps)
  • Unlimited HD streaming passes (must be activated)
  • Simple Global—Unlimited 2G data at 2x speeds in 210+ destinations (up to 256kbps)
  • Mobile Without Borders—5GB 4G LTE device data in Mexico & Canada
  • Unlimited Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi (unlimited flights/sessions)
  • Name ID
  • Voicemail to Text
  • 200MB domestic data roaming
  • Switch to T-Mobile ONE w/ONE Plus Family (TI) and get $5 off ONE Plus per line!

Bring the support material you gathered while working this checklist to the Rock Island/T-Mobile retail store and we’ll get you onto T-Mobile as fast as possible.


Get in touch.

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