Refer And Save…


Who needs a part-time job this fall when you can stack up months worth of billing credits by simply spreading the word about our LTE Fixed Wireless service?


We’re kicking off a referral program for all of our LTE Fixed Wireless customers starting today. Every time a new customer names you as the person who referred them, and they continue to use the service past our 30-day trial period, you get a full month of billing credit on your LTE Fixed Wireless bill. Best of all, there is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. Send us 12 new customers and we won’t charge you for one full year (that’s a $900 example for a full-time rate plan).


Getting started is easy – simply ask your friends, relatives and neighbors if they could use faster Internet. If they say yes, tell them about our Fixed Wireless service and how easy it is to switch. Tell them the up side to supporting your local co-op owned Internet provider and the good things we’re doing to support our community.


You can also send this video along to help describe the process of getting connected:


We’ve barely scratched the surface with the amount of customers we can support with this product, and our network is still growing with big increases in capacity coming over the next few years. See if a neighbor, friend or relative qualifies for service today by typing in their address here:


Thank you for being a customer and for helping us spread the word. We appreciate it and we hope you do too.


Offer expires on 12/31/2018