Monthly Fiber Update: September 2018

A Fixed Wireless Explosion


We have been talking A LOT about the benefits of our LTE Fixed Wireless product this summer. Why? Because our mission is to get as many people faster Internet as we can while we build out our fiber plant.

Fiber has always been the goal for us, and we won’t stop until everyone who wants fiber gets it, but that’s going to take time. Fixed Wireless is the fastest way for us to bring relief to those waiting for fiber, or to locations where fiber is impractical or too expensive to build.

Most of the county had flaky Internet with download speeds between 2-4 Mbps before we started this effort. With Fixed Wireless, we can put modems into thousands of people’s hands, and they can see improvements in speeds and reliability in 5 minutes or less. Why wouldn’t we be excited about this product, and why wouldn’t you?

We’ve signed up about 50% of the customers we can serve right now with the network we currently have. And our network is still growing with big increases in capacity coming over the next few years.

Don’t wait if you’re suffering with yesterday’s Internet. Support your local co-op owned ISP and get into the modern era with a simple phone call or visit to one of our physical locations. We’ll be waiting for you with a smile, and as much passion today as the day we started this mission.

See if your home or office is eligible now. Call for a Risk-Free Trial: 378-5884

Cybersecurity is Important

From time to time we get calls from customers who say their Internet connection has gotten sluggish over time. During our investigation we were surprised to find that some customers have an infected PC.

An older PC, even with Norton or Symantec or similar products could still get infected with a virus or a trojan. Once that occurs, all sorts of things could happen – from locking people out of their files forever (CryptoLocker), to swamping their Internet connection by secretly downloading and uploading gigabytes of data every day.

This situation isn’t good for our customers, and it isn’t good for the health of our network. As such, it compelled us to go hunting for a partner who could help protect our customers and our network from these threats and make surfing the Internet enjoyable again.

Enter a suite of cybersecurity software for your PC and mobile device: Tech Home. Tech Home includes SecureIT, an industry-leading anti-virus application. It works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats. Tech Home also includes software that helps you back up your important files and a convenient password manager, that can automatically log-in to your favorite websites.

We are happy to offer Tech Home to you for $7/month. This covers one PC and one mobile device. If you need more machines covered, there is a price break for up to four total devices for $11/month.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you sign up in the next 30 days, you get:

  • Free first month of coverage (normally $7)
  • Free supported remote installation (normally $45 value)

If you’re ready to get covered, simply call 1-833-431-6697 and a tech will be there to assist you. They will install the TechHome software suite on your machine and run them to make sure your computer is safe and clean.

We hope this helps and that you enjoy the feeling of being protected.

The Rock Island Team