Monthly Fiber Update: November 2018

A New Eligibility List Is Here

We’ve updated the LTE Eligibility Search tool on our website. This means you may now be eligible for service if you’re not already a customer. Check your address on our eligibility search page.

One-out-of-three homes/businesses in the county have tried our LTE Fixed Wireless service since we launched it 3 years ago. How’s that for mind boggling?

The truth is we can handle hundreds more customers on this network in all sorts of places around the county including outer-islands and those far-to-reach hilltops, coves and jetties. We’re still signing up 26 new customers on average every week – and the network is still growing with more sites coming online and more capacity too. If you’re ready for faster or more reliable Internet, this is a great time to give it a try.

We’re Waiving Our $50 Activation Fee

For the month of November we’re waiving our $50 activation fee. With no activation fee and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Setup is easy and takes 5 minutes or less.


For all of you LTE customers currently out there, THANK YOU for being a customer, and don’t forget you can get a free month of service for every referral you send us.


Better Internet in Downtown Friday Harbor

Announcing a brand new fiber-backed wireless Internet solution designed specifically for homes and businesses in downtown Friday Harbor!

If you have an office or home in the heart of Friday Harbor, we may have another Internet solution for you to try. We call it our Mimosa Fixed Wireless, and it’s been designed to serve a very small area of town with whopping Internet speeds.

We’ve heard from so many shop owners and city-dwellers that speeds from other providers just aren’t enough, so we decided to launch this network to help give some relief to those still suffering. If you’ve tried our LTE Fixed Wireless in the past but were not eligible, this may be a good option for you.

We have a few different rate plans to choose from:

  • 10/3 Mbps Plan: $55/month
  • 25/10 Mbps Plan: $75/month
  • 50/15 Mbps Plan: $95/month

Give us a call to learn more at 378-5884 and selecting Option 1. Tell your friendly Rock Island support rep that you want to learn more about our Mimosa Fixed Wireless, and to see if your building is a good candidate for service.


Our long-term plan is to run fiber-optics to every building we can in town, but because that will take us time to complete, we hope this does a good job holding folks over in the meantime.


Telehealth is Possible with Fast Internet


While San Juan County is a fabulous place to live, sometimes it can be difficult to receive the medical care we need close to home. Telehealth is a revolution in healthcare that we can access from the privacy and comfort of our own homes with a good Internet connection – saving us a ferry ride, or maybe even our very lives.

The term “telehealth” means using today’s technology to have an appointment with a health care professional online. Popular sites like and are giving us the freedom to see a healthcare professional with just a few simple clicks, night or day.

Telehealth doesn’t replace face-to-face appointments, it works in combination with traditional consultations and clinic visits. There are many advantages of giving Telehealth a try, such as:

  • Saving travel time to appointments
  • Saving accommodation costs
  • Reducing stress and strain on loved ones who travel with you or look after family members while you are gone

You don’t have to be a technology whiz to use one of these services; you just need a decent Internet connection and a can-do attitude. To give you an idea about how it works, we’ve included a few YouTube videos that describes the process. Who knows, maybe this is a good fit for your situation or someone you care about.

1. How to Use Doctor On Demand:

2. PBS Segment on Telemedicine:

There are several of these kind of services out there, but here are a few to explore to get you started:

Rock Island doesn’t recommend any one service specifically, but we are passionate about this trend in technology. We believe being connected can improve our lives in many ways, and if we can be healthier as a whole while we go about our rural Island lives, we’re all for it. Here’s to your health.

Well that wraps up another edition of our Fiber Update newsletter. Thanks for your time and your support. It’s a pleasure to serve this county and a great privilege.

The Rock Island Team

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