Monthly Fiber Update: November

Refer a Friend to LTE Fixed Wireless, and…



Word of mouth is everything in the islands, and we want the good word about our LTE Fixed Wireless service to spread! That’s why we’re offering a $25 credit to every Rock Island customer who refers a friend to our LTE service now through the end of this year.

Can you refer more than one customer? You bet! Refer as many people as you want and if they take service, we’ll give you a $25 credit for each customer that activates.

LTE Fixed Wireless is good for:

  • People who want faster Internet
  • Businesses and remote workers
  • Part-timers and weekenders
  • Outer islanders
  • Students


Simply have your friends and family who sign up for service tell us that you referred them, and we’ll record that on their account. Credits will be calculated and added to your account in January. It’s that simple.

Check LTE Eligibility for you, your neighbor, or your family members here:


This program is available November 1st through December 31st, 2016. You can be any type of Rock Island customer to qualify for this credit.

Thanks for helping spread the word!


Our Group Fiber Projects


The Rock Island team is engaged in several fiber construction projects throughout the county as we head toward the end of the year. No other project of this scale has been rolled-out in our county to date at this pace, and we’re proud to be leading the effort in this historic event!

Current Projects:

These are groups that have gone through the fiber organizing process, paid for their middle miles and are currently under construction to get fiber to their homes or businesses.

  • Downtown Eastsound on Orcas Island
  • Harney View Park on Orcas Island
  • Cape San Juan Part 2 on San Juan Island
  • Hilltop on Lopez Island
  • Portland Fair Area on San Juan Island
  • Otter’s Pond on Orcas Island
  • Garry Oak on San Juan Island


Upcoming Projects:

These are groups that have gone through the fiber organizing process and are waiting to be scheduled by our construction team.

  • Sunset Acres on Lopez Island
  • Panorama Place on San Juan Island
  • Elderberry on Orcas Island
  • Shoreland Drive on Lopez Island
  • Channel Road on Orcas Island


If you want to get your group organized, please visit our website to learn more about the fiber group organizing process.


Middle Mile Fiber Construction Explained


A Middle mile is the shared fiber that connects multiple properties to the fiber backbone. Rock Island works closely with organized fiber groups to understand their unique needs and to devise a middle mile installation plan and cost estimates. Upon final design agreement and funding, Rock Island schedules installation with trusted contractors.

The time it takes to build out your middle mile depends upon many variables, such as length, topography, and existing infrastructure. Most middle mile builds range from one to four months and consist of the following phases:

  1. Engineering and preparation: Rock Island engineers work with contractors to understand the terrain and locate infrastructure and existing utilities, such as phone, electrical, and water. The end result is an engineered plan that contractors use to install the middle mile.
  2. Digging and conduit: Using special equipment, installers dig trenches and lay conduit (the pipe that houses the fiber) to a depth of 18”. During this phase, fiber vaults and other equipment are also installed.
  3. Fiber installation: Once the conduit goes in the ground, fiber-optic cable is installed inside the conduit.
  4. Fiber splicing: The final step in middle mile installation is to splice the fiber – basically, connecting all parts of your middle mile to the fiber backbone.

Thanks all! We’ll be back next month with another Monthly Fiber Update. We appreciate your time and your support; we couldn’t do this without you!

All our best,

The Rock Island Team