Monthly Fiber Update: January 2018

Your Wi-Fi Upgrade is Here!

Wi-Fi has become a critical part of your home network. Your laptops, smartphones, tablets, webcams, smart tv’s, and even your thermostats may be connecting to your Rock Island Internet service via Wi-Fi.

We don’t think about the increasing number of devices that are connecting to our Wi-Fi. Historically, we relied on wired connections to do the heavy lifting, but in today’s wireless environment, we need a reliable, secure Wi-Fi network to provide coverage throughout your home or business.

Today you probably rely on a single access point, like your Rock Island modem, to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal within your home or business – but those only realistically cover about 1,000 square feet. A new technology has arrived on the market recently called mesh network technology, which takes Wi-Fi to the next level.

Mesh networks utilize multiple access points placed at strategic locations around your home or work to create one seamless Wi-Fi mesh that ensures consistent performance of high quality, whole-home or office Wi-Fi.

There are several versions of mesh network products on the market now and we have tested a lot of them (Eros, Orbi, Google Wi-Fi, Luma, Amplifi, etc.). None of them compare to the commercial-grade product that we will put in your building.

For one monthly low price, we will deploy and manage a Rock Island Mesh Network in your home or office. Learn more on our website or call our main number to see if our mesh network will work for you.


In The News


1) CenturyLink Stance on Rural Customers


Speaking at an investor conference recently, CenturyLink CFO Sunit Patel once again made it clear that CenturyLink doesn’t have much of an interest in the countless rural customers it serves. Or in getting those users closer to the FCC’s actual definition of broadband (25 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up).

“Instead of focusing capital on getting broadband speeds up to 10-20 Mbps, you would focus your money more surgically on areas that have higher population densities and better socioeconomic demographics that are in coexistence with businesses and where wireless infrastructure might be needed to get a better return on capital,” Patel said. “You would focus your capital on providing much higher broadband speeds than just offering 10-20 Mbps.”

Full Article:

2) Electric Cooperatives Are “Heroic Figures”


As rural Americans demand access to broadband, the head of the Federal Communications Commission told electric cooperative leaders they have an important role to play in making that happen.

“Your mission is not over. To the contrary, I think it’s just beginning, and I think we’re going to make a big dent in the digital divide and many other technology issues in the years to come,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai told the 2018 CEO Close-Up conference.

Speaking Jan. 8 on video, Pai said he considers expanding rural broadband access to be the FCC’s top mission. And he knows about the disconnect firsthand, having grown up in Parsons, Kansas, where his parents still reside.

“Increasingly, what I see when I go back home and travel to other towns like Parsons is that there’s a sense that they are on the wrong side of the digital divide—that they are simply not going to be able to have the 21st century economic and social opportunities that others do,” said Pai.

He called electric cooperatives “heroic figures” in the push to bring high-speed internet to small towns.

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7-Day Tech Support


You wanted it – well now you’ve got it! We are proud to announce that our Tech Support department is now staffed 7-days a week to help you with your technical needs. That’s right, if you get a strange Internet problem right before the big game on Saturday, or just after church on Sunday, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. Our new support hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am to 5pm

There’s no reason to wait ’til Monday morning to call. Just ring our main number and press Option 1 when you need support. We’ll be happy to lend you a hand with your Rock Island Internet service any day you need it. You can reach us at 378-5884.

OK, y’all, one more edition of our Monthly Fiber Update in the can. As always, we want to thank you for your support; we couldn’t do this without you!

All our best,

The Rock Island Team