Introducing Rock Island Mist!


Get Internet Access on Your Boat


Our Rock Island Mist is an LTE-based Internet service designed to be kept and used on your boat! It only needs a power plug to work, and once fired up, it will provide Wi-Fi access to you and all of your passengers while at sea or port. Stream movies, stream music, surf the Internet and even use Wi-Fi calling to get clear cell reception while you’re on the water. Use it for fun or just keep it for emergencies. Either way, bring the convenience of home to your boat this Summer season.


Our LTE coverage around the San Juan Islands is incredible; even in remote areas. Speeds will vary from area to area depending on topography between our LTE sites and your modem.


All rate plans come with our LTE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our LTE devices work beautifully within the bounds of our county.

  • Monthly Cost

    Fixed Wireless
  • USD75.00Month
    • Fixed Wireless for Your Boat!
    • Speeds vary throughout the channel (from 7-15+Mbps down)
    • $50 Activation Fee
    • No Data Caps
    • No Contracts
    • Modem included

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