Fiber Is In The Town of Friday Harbor!


We are excited to connect the Town of Friday Harbor to our fiber-optic internet! Complete the form below to get on our connection list. We will contact you and provide all the information you need to get connected.


Here is exactly what you will pay when taking service:


1. $0 Installation fee (a cost that is usually around $3,500) in most cases*
2. $150 activation fee the day you take service
3. The monthly fiber rate plan that you select. See your options including 1 Gig!


Here are some of the project details. We’ve split this rollout into two phases:


Phase 1 – A No Cost Connection Happening Now!
Phase 2 – The next phase of our fiber build


Download a PDF of the ToFH Fiber Build here.


You can view all of our residential fiber rate plans here. All of our business fiber rate plans can be found here.


* Almost every structure in the Phase 1 area qualifies for a free overhead connection. There are some cases where an overhead connection may not be possible due to physical constraints.

** This form is for residents in the town of Friday Harbor, in the blue areas only at this time. **

Friday Harbor