The Smart Energy Plan


The Smart Energy Plan allows you to invest in two important upgrades at the same time. With this unique program you can add both fiber optic internet (FTTP) and smart home technology to your home or business. Best of all, you can finance the cost on your OPALCO power bill at 2% interest over 10 years. You will see your monthly Smart Energy fee as a separate line on your monthly bill for the duration of the program.


Fiber to the Home or Business + Energy Efficient Smart Home Systems = The Smart Energy Plan


To give you an idea how these costs could look, we’ve supplied a simple chart of monthly payment amounts for a variety of project costs:


Total Smart Energy Project Cost Monthly OPALCO Line-Item Fee
$5,000  $46.01
$7,500  $69.01
$10,000  $92.01
$15,000  $138.02


Awareness Is Eye Opening; Action is Essential


It can be eye opening to see how you use the power in your home. From the all-day consumers to the things that use an intense amount of power just a few times a day, understanding how the power in your home is consumed can help you make educated decisions about your usage. Those decisions can help the environment and keep money in your pocketbook.


Just looking at national numbers can be enlightening. Below is a chart of national home averages as collected by the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) overlaid with the average OPALCO power bill in San Juan County.


The average home uses about 12,000 kWh a year which equates to about $1,900 in power bills. By smartening up your home, and connecting it to the internet, it’s possible to save over 30% (see blue area above). Sound interesting?


If so, the Smart Energy program is designed to get you, or keep you moving forward on your journey to know how you use power ­every month – and provide you with the tools and devices you need to navigate your energy future.


Part 1: Fiber Optic Internet to Your Home or Business


People all over the county have been hooking up to the Rock Island fiber network for the past 5 years. About 2,000 of them now have access to Internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps and more if needed. We have been involved in this significant effort and now you can join too. Fiber to the premise means we can bring fiber internet to your home, business, shop or dock.


Part 2: Smart Home Technology


We’re starting this program off with the smart device that can single-handedly save you an estimated 30-50% of your energy bill – a smart thermostat.


Heating is usually the biggest cost on a power bill; usually over half in fact. Adding a smart thermostat can help you manage your heating cost in several ways. Most importantly, the energy and cost savings are significant. In some of the cases we’ve looked at so far, the energy savings has even outweighed the increased cost of the Smart Energy program, making your fiber and smart device cost neutral – and you get to keep all the other advantages.


Smart Electric Thermostats Heating Savings (%) Cooling Savings (%) Annual Savings ($) Monthly Savings ($)
Mysa 26% n/a $494 $41
Stelpro 30% n/a $570 $47
Nest 12% 15% $228 $19
Ecobee 23% 23% $437 $36


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