Fiber Technician: SJI

Fiber Technician: SJI

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Job Summary

The principal responsibility of this position is the installation of Rock Island’s Fiber Optic plant. Assists in installing both outside plant and in-home fiber optic service; Pumping, jetting and hanging fiber optic cable; Splicing and patching customers onto the network; Troubleshooting connections and interacting with customers on-site.

We’re looking for a San Juan Island based tech. Construction experience is a plus.


  • Taking care in the use of company equipment and vehicles used to install fiber optic/wireless facilities.
  • Communicate with customers regarding their connections and scheduling.
  • Perform in-home installations and support customer needs.
  • Fulfill warehouse responsibilities in stocking, transferring and charging material.
  • Completing all necessary paperwork.
  • Deliver activation instructions to Finance and Technical Support when customer in-premise installation is complete.
  • Communicate with others regarding projects and potential issues that arise.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma
  • At least one year experience in a customer-facing construction or technology role.
  • Must hold a valid local driver’s license.
  • Must be able to travel to other islands via ferry, small boat or plane.
  • Must attend company sponsored safety program meetings and trainings, as directed by
  • Must be able to perform labor intensive work on occasion that would including lifting, digging, crawling in confined spaces and climbing when certified by the company to do so.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with staff and management in a timely manner
  • Must have good customer relations and maintain a high level of professionalism when representing the company.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to learn and understand basic network function and basic infrastructure systems.
  • Must maintain a CPR/First Aid certification
  • Must acquire and maintain a flagging certification
  • Must acquire and maintain a forklift operation certification


  • Safety conscience
  • Good communication skills
  • Aptitude for learning
  • Basic MS Office skills
  • Motor skills for the operation of equipment such as boom trucks, ladders, hydraulic trailers and jetting equipment
  • Light mechanical knowledge and troubleshooting skills
  • Operate and maintain software platforms
  • Read and discern maps
  • Note taking skills

Work Environment

The majority of this work environment is in the field. Included but not limited to customer premises, public franchise areas, warehouse locations and remote islands. Each Technician will be referred to a home office as a base location to report for work related meetings and projects. Travel to and from different islands occur on a regular basis and will require the ability to flex ones schedule to accommodate local transit operations.

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