Edgewave Spam Filtering

Edgewave Spam Filtering

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Edgewave Spam Filtering

Welcome to Edgewave Spam Filtering! Once per day (when spam or phishing messages are detected), you will receive a message from our Edgewave Spam Filtering appliance. This message, sent from “Daily Digest” will appear in your email inbox.

Opening a Daily digest message will show you a summary email of the Spam and Phishing messages that the Edgewave system has flagged and trapped for you. Some users like to browse this list, in case an important message got caught erroneously. Others don’t like to look at it at all, saving themselves from questionable subject matter. Your Edgewave interface is extremely customizable, and you can configure it to suit your own needs (or if you prefer just leave it alone and it will work without any intervention by you!)

Sample Daily Digest email:

Viewing and Delivering “quarantined” messages:

If you are unsure if a message is truly junk, you may safely open the message from your daily digest by clicking on the “view” link, to the left (see screenshot, above). This will open the message in an Edgewave Web window. If you want to have this message delivered to your email inbox, click the “Release” button at the lower-right of the browser window. Your email will be released by Edgewave to appear in your email inbox shortly.

Quarantined messages will delete automatically from the Edgewave system after 35 days. You may delete them manually, from the “My Account” link at the upper-right of the daily digest message, but this is not required.

Adjusting Delivery Settings:

Perhaps you don’t want to see the daily digest at all, or you’d rather have all the ads and junk that it catches pass through to your inbox. You can do that!

Click the “My Account” link at the top-right of one of your Daily Digest email messages, and it will take you to your email address’ Edgewave account.

Click the “Settings” tab at the top to adjust delivery frequency, and what Edgewave daily digest will report to you:

Simply make your change. Edgeway will save the change for you for your next digest.

Perhaps you want to see some of those spam messages that Edgewave is catching. From within the My Account web interface, click the “Policies” tab, and adjust the way

Edgewave delivers, traps or flat out blocks messages!

Red Zone:

The Red Zone is the traditional “bad” stuff– Spam, Phishing, Adult Content that you didn’t request. Edgewave’s Default setting is to “quarantine” these unwanted messages, and then display what was caught to you in your daily digest.

You have control over these settings!

Simply click the drop-down menu underneath the section that you’d like to change. You have 4 choices:

Allow: Allow passes any email that would be detected as this type straight through to your email inbox, untouched.

Markup: Markup prepends a tag to the subject of your email message, and then passes that message through to your email inbox. Example: A spam message with “markup” selected, and a subject of “Buy Rolex Now” would deliver to your inbox with the subject of: “[SPAM] – Buy Rolex Now”

Quarantine: This is the default action, and will list a flagged message in your daily digest, and will not deliver that email message to your inbox.

Block: Block is the “I don’t want to see it” of selections. These messages will simply disappear for you, not appearing in your inbox, nor in your daily digest quarantine.

Viruses are never allowed on our mail server, and are blocked when detected. This setting is not changeable.

Similar Settings are available for “Yellow Zone” and “Green Zone” messages

Yellow Zone: This section is for Foreign Language messages, as well as filtering email that contain certain types of file attachments.

Green Zone: This is the setting for questionable email. These are the messages that you get from companies, hotels, advertisements, coupons, etc.–the things that some of you might want, and expect. It’s not spam email, though some find it just as annoying. The default setting is to allow these messages through to your inbox.

Finally, within the Policies tab, are the Friends and Enemies lists (no Frenemies list just yet, sadly). These are the “good and bad,” the “whitelist and blacklist” section. If Edgewave is catching that friend of yours, erroneously, put them on the Friends list–this will let those messages come through next time. Have someone that you don’t want to receive a message from ever again? Stick their email address on the Enemies list, and they’ll disappear.

Full Documentation:

The above was just the quick overview of your Edgewave Spam Filter. For complete documentation on the use of your Edgewave account, please see the following manufacturer PDF files:

Edgewave Personal Dashboard

Edgewave Personal Dashboard FAQ