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Owner Furnished Conduit


Owners/Contractors can install their own facilities for future fiber use if preferred. Rock Island Requirements for Owner Furnished Conduit are:


  • 1” Grey PVC Sch 40 or greater
  • Continuous runs no longer than 1000’
  • No more than (4) 90 deg bends per run
  • Terminated at project or extents above ground
  • Jet Line Installed (if no jet line is installed, Rock island can proof and install jet line for $.50/ft.
  • Terminated on exterior of building at point of entry.


Contractors Notes for installing Rock island Microduct:


  • Min depth of cover 18”
  • Avoid over compaction of Microduct. Preferred min li of 10”
  • Leave 2-4’ of exposed Microducts at designated points for vaulting or intercepts.
  • Maintain 4’ clearance from other utilities at stub or vault locations.
  • Bedding should be free of large rocks and ensure smooth placement of Microduct


If you are looking to get fiber conduit to insert into a ditch on your project, you can submit this form to get fiber conduit from us. Please print it, and fill out completely. You can either bring your completed form by our Orcas office, or attach it to an email and send it to


Request for Conduit