Class Schedule

Tech Made Simple – Promoting technological confidence and best practices within our San Juan Islands community.

Classes are held at the Public Libraries

Please email Gene Nery if you are interested in attending the class and indicate on which island you’ll be attending.

Thank you.

Application Programs (Apps)

This class covers;

  • How to Download and Install Apps 
  • What you need in order to download Apps from an App Store
  • How to Uninstall/Remove Apps
  • What to do when Apps misbehave
  • What’s catch with free Apps? Sometimes free is not your friend.

Friday Harbor – Monday, Oct. 8, 10:00 am

Orcas Island –  Tuesday, Oct 9, 10:00 am

Lopez Island – Friday, Oct 12, 10:30 am


Apple Photos

This class covers;

  • How to organize your photos
  • How to edit enhance and share your photos
  • How to create photo books, calendars and how to have them printed professionally
  • Options on what companies provide printing services

Friday Harbor – Monday, Nov. 05, 10:00 am

Orcas Island –  Tuesday, Nov. 6, 10:00 am

Lopez Island – Friday, Aug. 9, 10:30 am


Ask Your Questions

Since this will be the last class of the year, bring your mysteries, bring your queries

and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. If it’s a large class, I will have to limit the amount of questions that you can ask. 

Friday Harbor – Monday, Dec. 3, 10:00 am

Orcas Island –  Tuesday, Dec. 4, 10:00 am

Lopez Island – Friday, Dec. 7, 10:30 am