Introducing Free Tech Classes – Tech Made Simple!

Promoting technological confidence and best practices

with our San Juan Islands community.


Our two-hour classes are open to everyone and are free to the public. They will be available every week on each of San Juan, Orcas and Lopez islands.


The first hour consists of a broad and informal presentation on a variety of topics dealing with personal technology. The remaining hour is dedicated to Questions and Answers from the participants. At present we have just over ten seminars to offer, with more on the way as the needs of the community and participants are gauged.


These free seminars are not intended to provide in-depth study or hands-on assistance on each of the topics or issues specific to each of the participants’ devices. Instead, the seminars will be presented in such a way as to de-mystify the topics and provide a wide range of solutions to a broad audience at varying levels of technological understanding. Participants requiring hands-on assistance or specific classes book time with our trainers separately.


In these seminars, we will not be able to solve everyone’s problems or even provide answers to everyone’s questions, but we do hope to provide the community with a fundamental and basic resource in a fun and relaxed way.

Your Rock Tech Trainer

Gene Nery

Customer Service and Education Specialist


Gene has been a freelance Mac technician, a musician, and a photographer for decades. Macs have been central to both his music (for recording) and photography (editing) from the beginning. He also has expertise in Audio/Video Systems and minor electronic repair.

Reach Gene at the following:

(360) 378-5884, Ext. 316

[email protected]