10:13 17 June in Testimonials

YES 1) My AT&T Microcell now works consistently, so I can use my cell phone at home, eliminating long distance charges, and greatly reducing international calling charges. 2) I can stream movies without frustrating delays. VERY SATISFIED WITH YOUR LTE SERVICE...

Can’t thank you enough!!!!

09:27 17 June in Testimonials

Simply put - HELL YES!!!!! Prior provider only afforded 1.5 MB's. Frequent drop outs and no bandwidth to handle multiple devices. New LTE is stable, fast and with more than enough bandwidth to handle multiple computers, streaming and smart phones. Can't thank you enough!!!!...

We are absolutely thrilled!

10:31 13 June in Testimonials

We just got back to Shaw, unpacked and setup the modem, and are absolutely thrilled!!! We’re getting 24.6Gb down, 8.65 upload.   Thank you and everyone at RockIsland for making this happen!   Happily back into the modern age,   Eric & Gwen on Shaw...