Service Updates

ALERT: Netgear Wireless Routers Vulnerability

09:19 23 December in Service Updates

It has recently come to our attention that certain model Netgear wireless routers may be vulnerable to malware attacks allowing outside users to gain access to them. Models include those in the R6000, R7000, and R8000 series. Netgear is currently working on firmware updates that...

Outage: Rock Island Main Phone Number Down

10:53 20 December in Service Updates

We are experiencing an outage with our main phone number, 360-378-5884, this morning. Below is a list of some direct lines to use to get in touch with us while we resolve this issue: Ali Boe, Customer Support (Orcas): 360-375-7037 Gene Nery, Customer Support (Orcas):...

ALERT: Windows 10 Preventing Access to Internet

14:12 07 December in Service Updates

Windows 10 machines are preventing users from accessing the Internet. This issue is not with the Rock Island, Centurlink or T-Mobile networks, but rather a systematic problem within the Windows 10 operating system itself, preventing any Windows 10 device from attaining proper IP addresses. At the...