Business Service Products & Services


Here are some of the services we provide to our existing business customers that may be of interest to you too:


The Basics


Digital Phones (VoIP)


Jive Communications is business-class voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system that gives you the power to update and manage your phone system from anywhere in the world. The quality sounds amazing and you will love how easy it is to drive your system.


Cyber Security Computer Protection


Protecting your PC is no longer an option, especially when running a business. Let Rock Island help protect you from today’s internet threats. We use industry-leading software to monitor and secure your PCs so you don’t have to become a victim of today’s cyber crimes.


Advanced Products


Priority Tech Support 


Get tech support right when you need it, guaranteed. We offer a premium service for those who have businesses that lose money or efficiencies when offline. Our priority tech support gives you a special number and email to use in times of need when a real-time response is required – night or day.


Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Systems


Sometimes the Wi-Fi on your modem doesn’t provide enough coverage for your business needs. Rock Island can install a commercial-grade Wi-Fi system to ensure solid wireless connectivity everywhere you need it. We will purchase, install and manage your system for a modest monthly price.


Shop/Office Security Systems


US-based Ooma, Inc. has an affordable security package that’s easy to set up and use. We think it’s brilliant. You buy the security tools for a one-time cost of $15 per sensor, like window and door contacts, and get alerted through a handy app that keeps you up to date no matter where you are.


Cloud-Based Virtual Machines


Sometimes the best computer to use for your business is one that’s entirely off-site. Our virtual machines are fast, configurable and best of all backed up online, so you’ll never have to worry about your office machine going down or being stolen with all your data.


Static IP Addresses


VPNs, connections to other networks and webcams sometimes require a static public IP address. If you have a need for a static IP, Rock Island can set you up with a single public IP address, or an entire consecutive IP range if needed ($25/mo per IP in the range).


Rock Island VPN


Rock Island now has a VPN solution that has been handpicked for your use – especially if you are a content streamer, provider, or are hosting a security camera system. Your VPN subscription includes:


  • One static IP address only assigned to you (no IP sharing like other services)
  • Geo-located to San Juan County
  • Zero throttling, very low latency and overhead compared to other VPN solutions
  • Our mobile app lets you completely manage your VPN connection anywhere including which users are online, what devices are online and managing routing
  • Fixes issues with content streaming over our LTE Fixed Wireless network
  • VPN hardware device included at no cost to you


Outsourced IT Department


Ever dreamed of having your own IT department but didn’t have the time or money to set one up? Rock Island provides a full-service IT department on an hourly basis to satisfy your specific needs. From simple help with stubborn printers to connecting internal networks, we can perform custom work for a set of hours a month that you decide.