Business Support


In addition to technical solutions, we also offer a host of products and services to support your business. They include:


Business Services


Company Email and Microsoft Apps


Rock Island re-sells Microsoft Outlook email accounts for a great price. We can help you move to a professional-grade email host and get access to an entire suite of Microsoft Office products for you and your staff as needed. Keep all of your existing company address; just get more out of them.


Security Camera Cloud Backup


If you run a security system at work and keep your camera recorder (NVR) on site, we recommend you take a look at this simple but important product. We can configure your NVR to send a backup of all your security camera video to our in-county cloud servers to protect your video from theft or natural disaster. We can also back up a much longer timeline of video than most NVR – up to 1-year if needed.


Notary Republic


We notarize a lot of documents on both Orcas and San Juan. If you ever needed notary services but didn’t have a reliable or quick way to do so, consider this add-on service. We have multiple notaries on each island that can notarize your documents on a walk-in basis without hassle.


Marketing Products


Directory Listing


Link up with Rock Island and get more traffic to your site by adding this simple add-on to your monthly bill. We will post your web link in our business directory and any other contact or social media addresses you desire.


Sponsorship Marketing Partner


Rock Island puts a lot of communications out into the community on a regular basis. We would be happy to take your brand along with us when you join our sponsorship program. We’ll add you to our widely-read Monthly Fiber Newsletter, Facebook posts and more.