Author: Dan Burke

Major rave to Rock Island today.

17:52 07 July in Testimonials

Major rave to Rock Island today. Joel Swartz is the best. Moved the office today and within an hour and a half all computers up and running, VOIP phone system working and Wi-Fi faster than ever! Awesome service! Genie, Friday Harbor, WA...

Monthly Fiber Update: July

12:35 05 July in Fiber Updates

Hello Summer! It’s July already and time for another Monthly Fiber Update! This email series will help answer some of the most common questions we receive about our fiber initiative. We’ll continue to send out information every month to keep you up to date on our project,...


10:13 17 June in Testimonials

YES 1) My AT&T Microcell now works consistently, so I can use my cell phone at home, eliminating long distance charges, and greatly reducing international calling charges. 2) I can stream movies without frustrating delays. VERY SATISFIED WITH YOUR LTE SERVICE...