FCC Affordable Connection Program (ACP) Customer Election Form

The FCC has created a federal support program for qualifying individuals for a discount of up to $30 off the monthly service price of internet broadband services. (If you are currently a federal lifeline customer, you are pre-qualified for this program, and signing this form will allow Rock Island to enroll you in the program. Once approved, Rock Island will initiate the $30 credit on your internet service.)

As attested below, the customer has been made aware of and understands that this discount will be provided subject to the conditions below:


  • A discount from the customer’s broadband service rate of up to $30 per month will be applied through the end of the program.
  • No data limits will be placed on the service or charged for.
  • Only one ACP discount is eligible per household. Other providers may offer this discount as well as Rock Island and the customer can transfer the discount to another provider at any time.
  • The customer understands that this is a temporary program, and the discount will apply only as long as the program is funded.
  • The customer will be notified 30 days before the end of the program that the program will end.
  •  The customer has the option of continuing service at the regular priced rate for that service or can discontinue service without any termination charges applied o Unpaid balances incurred prior to the end of the program or costs associated with unreturned equipment will still be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid.

Customer Certification:


Yes, please enroll me in the ACP. I consent for Rock Island to transmit my enrollment information to the national database administrator. I also affirm that I understand that the Affordable Connection Program is a temporary federal government subsidy that reduces my monthly broadband Internet access service bill and, at the conclusion of the ACP, I will be subject to Rock Island’s undiscounted general rates, terms, and conditions if I continue to subscribe to Rock Island broadband Internet access service.

* Formats: 360-378-5884 or 3603785884
* Address where service is provided

Rock Island Local Community Communication


What is the ACP Program?

The Affordable Connection Program is a federal program that allows qualifying customers to receive a credit on their monthly internet rate.

How much is the discount?

$30.00 off your monthly Fiber30 or LTE internet service bill.

How do I qualify?
How do I apply?
How long will the discount last?

As this is a federal grant program, we don’t know how long the designated funds will last; we will update you as we learn more about the timeframe of this program

Can I use this discount on any Rock Island rate plan?
  • No. The eligible rate plans for ACP discount are:
  • Fiber 30 – $30 before the discount.
  • LTE Fixed Wireless – $30 before the discount.
If I lose this discount, how do I keep my costs low?

OPALCO offers an Energy Assist Program (EAP). Rock Island customers who qualify for EAP get a $30 discount on their internet service bill