Author: Dan Burke

LTE Outage Fix: Reboot Your Modem

09:22 13 October in Service Updates

We have confirmed that there was a limited outage on the LTE network last night around 12:35 last night. If you are currently finding yourself offline, please reboot your modem. That should fix the problem.   If you do reboot your modem, and do not come back...

Monthly Fiber Update: October

10:41 11 October in Fiber Updates

Hello Folks, It’s time for another Rock Island update; thanks for tuning in! This month we focus on the fiber “last mile” process, the FCC’s definition of Broadband, and the amazing rollout of LTE Fixed Wireless. As a reminder, this email series has been designed to help...

Testing Your Internet Speed

10:26 04 October in How To Articles

Using a Speed Test to Get the Best Results Testing your Internet performance and understanding the general health of your Internet connection is a good thing to do from time to time. The most common way to do this is by running what is known as...