Our Team

We are Rock Island. Each and every one of us work hard to make sure our community are well taken care of when it comes to connectivity and other technology needs. We are a diverse group with a wide-range of skills and we look forward to working with you very soon.

Foster Hildreth
General Manager

Gerry Lawlor

Alan Smith
SVP Engineering

Dan Burke
SVP Sales and Marketing

Chris Schmidt
SVP Finance

Tom Schramm
SVP Operations

Carlos Muster
Sr. Engineering Technician

Gene Nearey
VP Retail

Thomas Miller
Technical Support Representative

Ali Boe
Customer Support Representative

Brian Hurley
Field Service Technician

Charlie Eon
Field Service Technician

Riley Eltrich
Systems Administrator

John McClure
Retail Representative and Managed Services Manager

Joel Swartz
Field Service Technician

Shelby Buterbaugh
Retail Representative & Repair Specialist

Maclin Fuehr-Bush
Field Service Technician

Steffan Iverson
Software Developer

Carolyn Diepstraten
Construction Project Manager

Dylan Nelson
Technical Support Representative

Robbie Padburry
Engineering Technician

Brandon Ferreira
Engineering Technician

David Meek
Contract GIS Specialist

Laura Watson
VP Finance

Fredrick Vaught
VP Technology

Nicholas Groseclose
VP Technology